Consider working from Home

Working from home seems a fascinating idea. No dress code, no commute, no consistent meetings, no restrictions, no rush or pressure for anything! Plus, who wouldn’t love to work in pyjamas, eat freshly cooked home food, stretch a muscle from time to time, dance to the beats or even going for a walk to refresh mind in the sunshine – all while you are at work?

Here are some more reasons why you can consider working from home.

No Rush Hours: In this fast-paced world, can you imagine your life without rushing on busy streets especially in the mornings? Most of us cannot. But, working from home gives all the freedom to complete the daily dose of sleep as one doesn’t require rushing anywhere.

Saves plenty of time: Do you realise how much time you waste regularly in the process of getting ready for work or in commuting? Plus, the exhaustion is real.

A healthy life: When you work from home, you save yourself from the exposure of needless pollution on Street especially if you are living in one of those busy Metro cities.

Supports social life: After hours of work and travelling from home to office and vice versa, we don’t feel like socialising at all.  Working from home can help you balance life between work & fun.

On the other side, although it sounds great at first, Working from home comes with its own set of challenges. After all, nothing could be more distracting than sitting at home all day. Several things happen in away- from cooking, cleaning, eating, laundry to all the other stuff that starts catching attention the very moment you sit for your work at home. Even your family and friends start expecting more flexibility from you.

So, before you consider working from home, delve into some real challenges, i.e., how good you are at managing time? How self-motivated you are when it comes to working from home? Do you love this idea? If not, what could be done to make it more productive, thrilling and a gratified experience? Because, while everything else is necessary, work is a priority and it cannot be compromised.

The distractions one face while working from home aren’t easy to overlook. Primarily, it is a task to separate personal and professional time along with space when it comes to working from home jobs. Sadly, some people aren’t able to handle the liberty that comes with work from home options and end up bargaining with their jobs that eventually affects their career. The perks of working from home prove a disadvantage for them.  And if you too can relate to this, here’s a deal.

You can tackle the distractions and make your workday more strategic than others. Here are some simple, but essential rules that may help you balance your job and life together at home. Read on!

Do you have a dedicated space for ‘work’?

Well, making the most of the work from home isn’t easy. The distractions at home are inevitable but can you can reduce them.

Here’s how?

Create a separate space for work: while choosing a workspace at home, make sure you pick an area where you face fewer or no distractions. Distractions are a major drawback for people who work in homes.

Clutter-free: The less cluttered space is, the more focused you will be.

Make it unique: Creating a single workstation at home would keep the excitement of working alive. Remember, design your space which is a little different from home yet free from the standard corporate look.

Customization: Personalized design will help create a thematic wall between your home and work. The plan is your choice, and definitely, it suits your comfort and productivity style.

A recent study has found a cultural shift in work culture. Here, the idea of work is separate from the concept of an office. The study found that remote working has led to significantly higher levels of job gratification among people. But then, it comes with a price. The inability to shut down on time or end a workday is prevailing. The study has found that 39 per cent of remote workers regularly work extra time compared to only 24 per cent of office employees. Being able to ‘turn off’ is a key to enduring success.

So, how can you maintain a balance between your work and life when you have no restrictions at all?

Set working hours: Working from home means more self-drive and more accountability. Plan your day, a night before and try to follow a routine. Do connect with your colleagues from time to time.

Draw the line: Keep a line between personal and professional life even though you are working from home. From doing daily chores to visiting friends or anything which takes you away from work, like on holiday.

Maximize the efficiency:  Like planning, execution is equally important. Push your boundaries and keep challenging yourself. Fix working hours for daily work, so that you can make the most of it.

Set daily targets: List out the tasks you want to accomplish during a day. Scheduling will help you achieve your goal on time and make you more efficient. When start working, don’t get interrupted by anything until you finish your task.

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