The Northern lights of Delhi House

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Having seen dozens of houses I had not shortlisted any in past two years, on one such ritualistic trip, I entered this corner house in a peaceful South Delhi colony. Climbing two stories, I was greeted inside a well illuminated wide open space, painted all whites and shining with bright Art, the air of tranquillity and prana hit me deep inside… instantly, this space an artist’s studio was brimming alive with energy.

I was awestruck and decided almost immediately I will buy this house. It was enigmatic, spiritual, special, and very natural space not blended with the gadgets, décor and drama – which I was used to seeing while on my recce for house hunt. I just couldn’t make out whether it was the house or the art which influenced me so deeply.

Over the course of days, I discovered that the ground floor of that building was also a studio of a renowned Indian artist with global roots. What was it that in a house of three floors, two were taken by artists? Not connected to each other yet occupying the space and having their studios there?

The obvious reason was its location, a hot spot of the artist community residences in Delhi but it wasn’t convincing, I wanted to find the real reason? a Co-incidence? that’s what I thought, only to find that the choice of the house for opening a studio was not just a coincidence but a result of many searches for the artists.

Open from three sides, park facing and covered by trees on all sides was anyways is a difficult find in a city like Delhi, but the large hall facing North was its biggest catch. The direction where an artist gets constant sunlight throughout the day and round the year. It was a big discovery, hidden in plain sight.

But why an artist loves north for their studio? light and temperature – two simple reasons and light is the prime.

The sunlight is constant with north facing houses and it helps consistent colour visibility, artists love to paint in sunlight and the ones I knew never switched to the artificial lights, no wonder some of their creations are considered amongst the best Meditative paintings in the world!

The other softer reason is temperature, although winter gets pretty chilly for a city like Delhi and north facing house is, even more, chillier, but 8-9 months are comfortable.

So whereas many take a decision on the direction of the house without much awareness but limited Vaastu guidelines, some are really technically practical – like an Uncle of mine who is definitely wanting shining south facing house for his seasoned days.

Up is a metaphor for north we knew, but north is a slate for an Art expression is something which I accidentally explored.

Next, I will share my number one reason for buying this House.

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