Explore the Spiritual Side of your Home

Before getting into the details of the spiritual side of your home and how you can immerse in its freedom, let us understand what is spirituality and why should you explore the spiritual side of your Home?

To be honest, spirituality is a vast subject. We can touch it here. In fact, this discussion is a necessity which will allow you to yearn for a spiritual home.

Spirituality at a Glance

Spirituality is a path which leads to God. So, does religion, you will argue. Sure faith is a path which leads to God too. But, the approach to spirituality and religion is different. Where religion will turn you into a set of rules, spirituality will help you look inside.

When belief comes out of an experience, when fear turns into love, when sorrow ceases to nonexistence, true spirituality is accomplished. To simplify the statement, let’s say when you understand that you are not separate from your creator, you achieve the higher self which is divine and shining with love.

Now, the second question – why should you seek spirituality? Why make an effort to be spiritual? Why try to turn your home into a spiritual haven? Why?

Spirituality is seeking the meaning of life. With a strong spiritual sense, you are sure to sail thru phases of life. Spirituality will help you to make the right choice.

How Can a Spiritual Home Help?

Every home can be transformed into a spiritual haven. In fact, spiritual energy is hidden inside every house. All you have to do is go in depth to discover. You just have to drive it out of the corner of your home.

If you wonder why you need a spiritual home, the answer is – because you come back here every day. It is the energy of your home which heals you and gets you ready to face the world again. This place should reflect the spiritual power.

It is easy to turn your home into a spiritual haven or explore the spiritual side of the home. But, the question is – how do you do that?

A Little Tidying Up

Clutter keeps energy blocked inside. If you let clutter grow, you will soon experience mounting negativity. It is the fastest way to chase away spiritual energy. In fact, in a cluttered environment, you will not find the space to open up. That’s why the quest for spiritual home begins with tidying up.

Yes, get rid of the things you don’t use. Once you stand inside your clutter-free home, you will understand what it means to feel light.

Energy Cleansing

Well, once you have gotten rid of the clutter that kept the energy blocked, you can forward to cleanse the energy around your home. The easiest way to do this is – by burning incense. It does not only purify the space and air, burning incense allows positive energy flow around the home as well. Ensure the incense is not made with artificial perfumes though.

Altars for Spiritual Boost

Most of us create Altar without being aware of it. There must be an Altar at your home where you keep all the beautiful showpieces and flowers. Likewise, you can create an Altar for spiritual energy as well. This is the place where you will be able to restore all your positive energy. You can decorate this space with things that make you happy. You can adorn this space with anything pictures, flowers, books and even positive quotes.

“For some, window to the flowering trees is an Altar!”


Even if you are not a reader, you can get books some easy to read, attractive titles or covers, these books will to fill your home with positive energy and encourage you to explore the subjects either by reading or any other means. Books are like the soul of the home which adds life to it. However, here is the catch which you need to be aware of, Books carry energy which is true, bring books which make you feel happy.

“Yes, you can judge the books by their covers when you are buying for positivity.”


For the flow of spiritual energy, you can use crystals. In fact, people have used the power of crystals from the ancient age to attract positive and spiritual energy. For loving energy, you can place rose quartz in your bedroom. You can also set clear crystal and amethyst in your spiritual altar. These two crystals work like wonder together. For a better vibe, you can place a clear crystal in a china bowl by the front entrance as well. The energy of this sacred crystal will chase away any negative aura your home has got.

Decorate with Art

Art decoration is another way through which you can fill your home with warm and spiritual energy. However, like books you need to be choosy about the art. You need to pay attention to what you are placing. There are arts with dark symbolism. You must not use such art decorations inside your home. These attract more negative energy than positive ones.

Vedic Music

Vedic music or mantras work like wonder when you are seeking spirituality. If you play Vedic music in your home, you will feel the instant change in the air. There are Vedic mantras which people use for better vibration. You can use these to see which mantra works better for you. However, one important fact you need to remember is – not all mantra is for chanting aloud. You need to do some research before finding mantras that are chanted aloud for aura cleansing.

Your home need not be a mansion. It can be a tiny cottage sitting in the countryside. It can be a one-room apartment located on the busiest street in the city. You can turn it into a spiritual haven by a little effort. However, there is one crucial fact which you need to remember when you are seeking spirituality. It is within you. First, you drive it out of the shallow water of your soul, and then you fill your home with the divine vibration.

Therefore, first work on yourself. If you are not connected to the divine energy, no amount of decoration will help. Crystals, books, Altars can support from outside; but the hunger comes from within.

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