Empty space will fill you up

Space is one of the underlying elements of creation. In it, the managed manifestation form evolves.

When you open the floodgates, the river flows freely, air, light, sound travel freely in defined space. In the vastness of open space, this universe is expanding. If it were not for space things would get to a halt.

Earth makes space for the seed, water, and soil nutrients; seeds bud and occupy space with roots in the soil and the vastness of this space the sapling grows into a mighty tree.

The purpose of space is to offer a platform; it is our wisdom on how we use this space. We need to remember that in its physical form there is a limit to space and that’s what we experience when we are in any defined environment like our home.

Our understanding of space is in two forms – one as an element also ‘ether’ and as an area occupied. Here we are diluting the lines between these two concepts.

In a restaurant, you are given a glass to be filled with the beverage of your choice, and you have to choose between tea, coffee, juice or water.  On a particular weekend evening, you can decide to go to watch a movie, play your favourite music or catch up with your friends or anything else in that time band. ‘This choice to fill’ is not philosophy but reality of living in space-time.

So what do you get once you create space for yourself in your home? When you empty it up, when you clear the clutter. You get a clean Canvas to paint your story.

Marie Kondo has already described a lot of benefits of de-cluttering and cleaning up. She has beautifully explained how and why should you do it. Here we are taking you on that journey with another thought.

Let us feel this emptiness with the physical and spiritual aspects of life. Given space, the vacuum has the power to fill itself. When you empty your space with existing possessions, you will be able to find room for your new endeavours.


Physical aspects:

  1. Improve things to your now:

Don’t think of what you would need tomorrow because the life is ever changing and if you keep saving the physical stuff, the material objects for future we are defining our destiny to be limited to the assets we have and are leaving the bigger bounty that the universe has for us.

  1. Include things that wow

When you see an act, and you exclaim Wow! You know it has touched you deep inside. Sit in meditation, recollect these wow moments from Now and embrace them all. Now dedicate some time to include them in your home.


You would fill your space now, for that wow.


Spiritual aspects:

  1. Align your purpose:

What is my purpose is it to be a prominent businessman or sitting in a position of significant influence or serve the society at large or infant section of society with my art or invite something? My space is a line to my purpose, and no object in my space takes away these moments.

  1. Energize with passion:

I decorate my home with the things of my choice, what inspires me, what makes me feel good. The rules of the society do not bind me, and I am not bound by the specific laws of setting up things in a standard format. Everything that around helps me and outside my mind for it helps me manifest my purpose. The Aroma, sound, light, colour, pieces of art, tools and objects of everyday living energising me every moment of the day.

  1. Spread abundance:

My purpose of living in a meditative home is to live a life full of bliss. I want to expand this beyond me to my family, friends, acquaintances, neighbours, and citizen of planet Earth at large.

I am setting myself free to live in my open space. 

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