Social Face of your Home

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We all have our unique persona and style, and with time we unconsciously develop a typical and predictable social face, our social identity.  People around us understand, interpret and associate with us basis this human face of ours. The ‘real us’ is probably seen and accepted only by our family and close friends. Our homes are no different; they acquire their distinctiveness and aura from the people who inhabit them and over the years become an identity on their own. Once created and entrenched in the minds of the society, it seemingly becomes permanent and is not easily changed. The personality and character of the home and its inhabitants become almost like a hand in glove, inseparable from each other.

Take a stroll down the street and look around the houses in the lane; you would observe each home to be different from the other, and the vibes that you get from each of them are unique. You may find one house exuding calmness and serenity while another one looks old and haggard; one reflects youth and freshness, and another one seems very organized and attractive. These are the reflections, the external appearances that are pretty symbolic of the experiences you may have while visiting these houses or knowing its inhabitants closely.

There are times when we feel exhausted and drained after visiting someone’s house or genuinely happy and elevated by meeting another friend at his home. The aura of those individuals and their homes is playing upon our feelings and emotions. Take a closer look, and you would observe striking similarities between the personality and expressions of the dwellers and their abodes. But why and how does this happen? The inanimate house acquires its life and vibes from the individuals that live in their; day in, day out. The other elements of the house also play an essential role in creating its persona. As we sow, so we reap!! We exude happiness and love, the house absorbs and reflects the same. If we are sad, gloomy and distraught, our house will also look and feel the same. Over the years, the home accumulates the expressions, the experiences and the vibes of its residents and their lifestyle.

So, does it mean that one cannot have any weaker or negative emotions while at home? Well, it is ideal to be in the best of the spirits with the right and positive feelings and vibes at home for it to absorb and exude the same. However, there is good news! We can create an atmosphere of wellbeing and peace at our home by judicious use of the happiness triggers, mood alleviators and peace enablers. Does the house get enough sunlight, does the air breeze freely through the house is the house free of clutter and blocked energy? While it may not be feasible to carry out structural changes to our home, we surely can make some small yet pertinent changes in our homes.

So, here are the three things that you could act on an immediate basis. First, take out those few minutes to identify and throw away things that you have listed in your to-do list and have not been discarded yet. Act today. You will surely feel energised and light! Second, take a visit to a nursery nearby and gift yourself some beautiful greens that you can add to your living room or the kitchen. Nurture them and experience the positivity in your home. Third, create a ritual to offer a glass of water every time a family member walks into the house. Extend this to every visitor as well. You would find this ritual extraordinarily gratifying and the response this ritual evokes to be deeply satisfying. Set the ball rolling with these three simple actions. Make sure you practice them consistently and bring in happiness to your home, your family and your friends alike.

Stay Simple, Stay Happy!

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