Overcome the noise in your house

When you do not want to hear a particular sound, it’s called Noise.

You feel challenged by the noises in the environment. For any specific reason, if you do not want to soundproof your house, and you don’t like the concept of living in sealed interiors, you have a more significant challenge at hand.

But, if you love music and nature, you have a real solution of overcoming this challenge to some extent. You may not mute the sound but can override it.

It’s about a small effort to manage the Noise pollution indoors as noise not only impacts our health at primary level including hypertension, hearing loss, memory sleeplessness,  stress, aggression, impacts concentration and overall peace but it also distracts us from our meditative state and our creative self.

There are two kinds of noises which bother most of us. Outdoor Noises and Indoor Noises. Let’s figure out what are these pollutants are and what we can do with them.

From outside noise of an aeroplane, traffic, construction work, and other sundry sounds consistently enter our house there are equally annoying indoor noises which from Air conditioner, Air purifier, Oven, Chimney, TV, loud music and more.

Getting that peaceful noise-free home may be a challenge for many especially if you don’t want to go for soundproofing. Here we can at least cancel these noises in the background by superimposing the local sounds. We call them Sound of Nature, and it’s rhythmic to our body and mind.

Integrate these Natural Sounds to supersede other noises.

  1. Water Fall:

You can choose a waterfall not only for its design and size but also for what kind of sound it will create. A waterfall is not just going to add beauty to your interiors, but the rhythm of falling water will also soothe you deeply. A soft, high variance and natural water sound are best for all interior environments; you can avoid using a consistent fountain-like flow.

  1. Wind Chimes:

Wind chimes come in various sound notes. Choosing the right wind chime and placing it at proper height and location will make a vast difference.  It’s best to install it around outdoor seating area and lawns. The musical rhythm of wind chime will win you over other noises. Your visits to your balcony, veranda, and compound would be more pleasing.

  1. Bird’s Habitat:

Another thing that you can do it to feed the birds in your veranda, lawns or anywhere you find appropriate. Birds in your locality can get attracted to food of choice and a safe environment. You can learn about the birds in your neighbourhood and accordingly choose to feed them and install birdhouses. For any nature lover, it’s like creating your bird sanctuary.

  1. Music:

With music, you are in full control. You can choose from classical vocals, single earthen instruments or just nature recordings. There’s no doubt you also have the flexibility of choosing the timing and the volume. Remember this music takes you close to nature and it’s not music for recreation or entertainment, so stick to the principals.

Start with these simple steps until we decide to upgrade.

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