Nine Tips to be in sync with Circadian Rhythm

What is Circadian Rhythm?

It is our internal body clock and plays a significant role in our sleep and wake-up cycle. All living beings including Humans, Plants, Animals even Fungi witness 24-hour body clock.

Why is it important?

Critical to our sleep-wake cycle, hormone release, digestion, and other bodily functions.  It significantly impacts the rhythmic discharge of melatonin a vital hormone regulating our body clock and other hormones.

What Circadian Rhythm has to do with our Home?

Our Home is one environment where we can set up things to get aligned with the Circadian Rhythms.

Live in sync with your Circadian Rhythms at home:

  1. Maximize Sun exposure inside your House:

Besides how the house is already designed sun exposure inside your home is about two things 1st Settings & Layout, and 2nd Practices you adopt. Also, instead of choosing to use only pre-designated places, we must be flexible and keep things mobile, basis activities and Sunlight.

For example, you can place your Yoga Mat at the Window/ Balcony/ Terrace, where ever you get the first Sunrays, You must also set up your study table according to where the sun is during your study time.

We must also change the direction of yoga mat or study table a little bit basis the light inside. To be swift and adaptable,  you can use things like a Stool, a Bean Bag or a Rug. This small practice will help you be near Sunlight inside your Home, instead of depending on the artificial light.

Set your study and work areas in line with Sun lights – keep them softly movable

That’s not all; this is going to be substantially good for your overall health and wellness.

  1. Localised lighting:

Localised lighting will not only add a lot of artistic touch, glamour, and aesthetics to your house but will also stimulate your mood to your wish. Ironically, in recent times most of us have moved towards flood lighting from localised lighting. Using flood lighting in your home is like speaking without voice modulation! Strangely, we have adopted without exception. It’s time we go back to localised lighting and set its brightness as per the specific need. Keep lights for Study, Dining, Lounge, Kitchen, Porch, and Bed Room precisely as required, entirely avoid flashing Tube lights or LED lights. This style of lighting is simple to implement while you chose Lamps, Shades, Filters supported by Dimmers along with Candles and Earthen Lamps.

  1. Blinking Lights and Indicators

You switched off the Television, Home Theatre, IPTV, Music System using Remote, and keep on its central power. You put your laptop in sleep mode, hardly switch off WiFi at night, multiplug socket is perpetually on. We unnecessarily keep most of these Gadgets and Electrical Instruments on, throwing light and emitting EMF.

It’s essential to get conscious about this and bring it into our habit to switch off the central power. Like you check Gas, internal Locks, and Lights just before bedtime, you must also monitor and switch off all gadget switches and Router before sleeping.

  1. The Beauty and Benefits of Incandescent Lights:

Many are stuck to the beauty of Incandescent lights and refuse to shift to LED lights. Besides its beauty, incandescent lamps are healthier lights for your eyes and your body. If you have moved to LED lights, consider shifting back to Incandescent lights. Avoid White lights in the twilight, and at night, you should only use white light during the day.

  1. Use Candles- especially beeswax:

Candles are closest to the natural light, although we cannot do much we can always plan life around candles like over family chats, dinner or even when guests arrive at home. Remember to stay away from commercial wax and stick to Beeswax for its properties.

  1. On Gadgets use night mode – it’s called?

Almost all Gadgets are now available in night light mode if your phone or laptop does not has it, download one. You will have to practice for a few days as we are used to bright LED light screens for a while now.

  1. Professional Circadian Lights or Authentic alternate:

Circadian lighting is a relatively new technology, and it will be some time before it gets favourite amongst masses. If you want to wait for the costs to come down and professionals to be freely available,  you must implement basics yourself. You can start by using a circadian map or plot to match the best light as per day time, and you can also manually adjust the lights basis the sun, daytime, your comfort or requirement.

  1. Pickup from Yogic Lifestyle:

If possible adopt your lifestyle around the Sun – i.e., wake up before the sunlight and sleep to complete 8 hours, adjust sleeping time according to Sunrise time. Pickup Morning Meditation and Yoga/ Running/ Cycling that interests you for the morning hours, make it a ritual – this will give you a reason to get up and going with the Sun

  1. Wi-Fi and EMF’s:

Although not much evidence is available but indicative research shows it impacts us in more than the ways we know.  It’s highly recommended hence to avoid unnecessary use of Wi-Fi and EMF at home. Switch off Wi-Fi and EMF at night, also whoever not in use.

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