Clear Blind Spots about your Home

While reading a spy novel, I came across an expression that made me sit up and take notice! This expression was unique; almost an oxymoron. It was “hidden in plain sight”. The feeling was evocative of something that is visible yet remaining unnoticed, sight unseen in the dark margins of humdrum detail. At that very moment, I was astounded by another realisation!! What was hidden in plain sight around me?
I took a hard look around me, and everything seemed normal just as it ought to be. Whoa! When did soft stains appear on my doors and switchboards? That piece of art which was intended to go to the attic was still lying in a corner. Why were there some things that my sight had glossed over and gone unregistered by my brain, rendering them sight unseen!! The reason was apparent to me, I had developed a blind spot, and some areas of my home had entered it.
Over time we start to ignore our home by assuming that it shall remain the same. We slowly become resistant to renew, refresh and renovate. As a result, we develop Blind Spots. While we look at the signs, we miss them by miles. We remain ignorant of changes. We continue to live with these spaces, until the time we get a jerk or a jolt and alas we wake up to ask what were we doing all this while? Why did we not realise it earlier? Only the fortunate few have that Eureka Moment! No one who is disinterested in their home is spared of developing a Blind Spot. We develop blind spots whenever we lack interest and from there starts the lull of dull living.

How do Blind Spots occur and what can be done to get rid of them:

Clutter — Blind Spots thrive on clutter if you are living amongst clutter be sure to habitual of residing amidst blind spots and their negative impact on your energy, initiative and drive.

Boredom — What is the interdependence between boredom and blind spots? Do they develop when you are bored of things or do they give rise to boredom? Whatever it is, it’s a sign of stagnation. You can be in full control, stand up and thrash out till you trash these visible signs of stagnation. Pick them all up, one by one, over a week, a month or sooner. If the colour of your walls has turned pale and is no longer your shade, just repaint!

Procrastination– It’s the fastest habit to acquire! Procrastinate a few times, and it becomes our Habit. For example, you have bought a painting from your favourite Artist and have placed it on a prominent wall in your room and wanted to put a spotlight on it but delayed it. Now you are habitual of looking at that piece of art and have completely forgotten that a spotlight would have put it in focus. This piece of art has entered a blind spot, and if it had not, it would have a different meaning for you. Or let’s say you delay changing the Mirror in your washroom as it got stained at face level and now you are so used to standing tilted in front of that mirror that you don’t even realise it’s again your blind spot! Or Your Garage remote lock stopped working, and now you are so used to locking without it, that it has entered your blind spot.

Change — We naturally resist change, making us accept what we already have and leaves us not too keen to try and adopt new ideas or things, it’s crucial that we recognise the change and implement the new in our life, including things which have flipped backwards.

Add a dash of:

Stimulate your Creativity — If you love to live in a creative world, chances are you will pass by the blind spot phase, as you will remain stimulated to see the new, try the new and thereby implement new ideas and expressions in your life and home. Your creativity shall wipe out that blind spot even before it can occur. So keep up that creative energy and if you think you lack some, pick an inspiration in your friends and relatives, or else subscribe to DIY (do it yourself) Home tips.

Keep pace with Lifestyle Trends — If style (i.e. a particular way of doing things) matters to you, know that you are a winner in pleasing yourself, your family and your guests at home. No one has to tell you, as you follow the trend and move in the direction. Even if your lifestyle appreciates vintage, you know how to refresh that look and stay fresh with it. So if you know you have a lifestyle, you are a winner already.
Going beyond the home, one may dare say that blind spots do not extremely afflict most of us. We keep veering towards one side or the other.
It’s time to take a more stable and active position in removing the ennui from life and home and let our energy flow seamlessly and exponentially.

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