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Seven new parameters to evaluate home tech

Technology today is so intuitive that it enters our lives seamlessly and we don’t even blink. After the tipping point, it opens our space with an exponential factor. With the coming of the Internet of Things, technology will touch every aspect of our life.

You might be using Alexa, Roomba, Echo, Nest or more products, how did you decide to make a purchase decision.  What if you look at all new parameters to make your buying decision or evaluate a purchase? If you are an early adopter, chances of you loving the experience in some way or other. From the wellness perspective, we recommend you to consider the following:

  1. Time Earnings – Time-saving is a crucial reason why we adopt any new tech, but look at it again and ask instead, am I having a good time using this?
  2. Culture & Tradition – Technology is encouraging us to live our and other lifestyles by sharing, exploring & encouraging. A tech which promotes values and customs is a real winner. There are some products which make a part of our culture but vanish in the modern lifestyle. A subtle example is losing the grandeur of Fireplaces; they have been blocked, sealed, decorated or wholly removed from our homes. Some people use it occasionally like antiquity, trying to keep it alive.
  3. Family Bonding– Technology is robust; if not used correctly it can do the reverse of what it is made for. It has the power to bring you close or take you away from family and friends; it depends on you. Look at age-old TV, initially it brought people together to the living room watching common content and igniting discussions and engagements,(it was not conscious), then TV moved to personal rooms, creating walls amongst family members, and then again it came back to the Living Room (this time it was a conscious decision). Think!! How are you using Mobile Phones when you are at home, with family?
  4. Sustainability – Can we sustain new technology as it scales up and millions start using it? Will it be sustainable for our generation and next? Like each one of us is responsible for electing our govt.; each one of us is accountable for the products we use. In hindsight, CFL was promoted in light of power saving (now it’s time of LED Lights) unfortunately it became an entirely new category of pollutant, in a space where there was no such pollution. Toxins like mercury were never so freely disposed of (that too for a light bulbs!). As a solution, if there are no alternatives available, we must use it as a minimalist.
  5. Social Impact – Some products which you don’t even consider technology can have a severe impact on your health, your family’s health and the society at large. It can also impact the animals and birds who consume it. Wondering what? GMO Food. This genetics innovation is not to be applauded, as it’s a completely unnatural way, making changes for commercial benefits.  We can embrace products of such tech advancements.
  6. Adaptability Do you have to stretch too far to adopt a new product, if yes why you do this? Before buying a new product, you can evaluate it by taking a trial, a demo or seek inputs from an early adopter friend. Look at products like Nest & Alexa; they are well defined, you can understand their experience with a simple demo and make a decision fast, but if it’s a complicated product like a digital home control system, you need to dig in. So before you make a purchase decision, check it’s adaptability.
  7. Wellness & Spirituality –A product which takes you away from you, the freedom of your thoughts; drives you away from simple natural actions, and where you just cannot fit as an individual naturally, is not for you, even with the five-star rating. Digital Curtain system is not for me, as I love the pleasure of having flexibility and movement.

I leave you with a question, is it necessary to use technology, just because it’s available?

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