Gratitude, the key to happiness

The universe has graced our lives with such abundance and blessings that our heart fills up with gratitude every time we encounter the plenty of nature. Though it is an emotional response, it is not a natural reflex. It is a conscious choice that we make to be grateful for our blessings and bounty and not to take things for granted. It is effortless for us to forget to be thankful. Gratitude is an attitude that is evoked in our heart by practice. When gratitude becomes the way of life, we sail thru our life with an open and fearless heart brimming with positivity and thankfulness.

This beautiful expression of gratitude is at the core of the human existence, social cohesiveness, and survival. Gratitude is a ‘state of mind,  a ‘way of life’ that generates other positive virtues and qualities like mindfulness, compassion, tranquillity, mutual respect, generosity, and thankfulness – cornerstones to a life well-lived. Gratitude is known to have miraculous effects on our lives. Research from various perspectives – spiritual, cultural, physical, psychological and even financial, have indicated the calming and therapeutic effects of living a grateful life.  When more and more people acquire and embody this expression in their lives thru persistent and mindful practice, our world will become a better place for us and our successors.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s commence with living a life of gratitude ourselves every single day. The seeding of this virtue has to begin from within our heart, our inner self. With constant practice and relentless focus, we can train ourselves to acquire the ‘state of mind’ of gratitude. Over time, the people around us would observe and acknowledge our behaviour emanating from this state of mind and would be influenced to imbibe gratitude as a ‘way of life’ in their lives as well. Since we spend most of our lives at our home, it is essential that we create a home that allows us to acknowledge the feeling of gratitude, to practice this expression in every action of ours and to consciously build this ‘state of mind’.

As we progress to become more and more grateful in our lives, we will, without doubt, start to see incredible changes in our persona and our lives. Our homes can catalyse this process by allowing for a disciplined approach in expressing gratitude. When all the members of the family jointly pray and offer gratitude to our creator every single day; we inculcate a habit of being thankful for the smallest of the gifts and blessings in our lives. Sun rays are beaming into our rooms every morning remind us of being grateful for the light in our lives. The greens and the birds in the courtyard take us closer to nature and help us to be compassionate. Our homes, allow us to progress on the path of being grateful. As we march ahead on this path, the positivity of our ‘state of mind’ rubs off to our family members and friends; the positive vibes are surely contagious. It would be a matter of time that our loved ones also embark upon this journey of gratefulness. The exponential effect of this state of mind will create an environment of peace and stability in our homes. Our homes will exude gratitude to every visitor.

Go ahead, and take a closer look at your home once again! Are you not happy that you have a roof over your head and a place that you can come back each night? This sense of subconscious thankfulness has to be surfaced to your mind thru constant and persistent practice of being grateful. Once you bring harmony between your subconscious and conscious mind that your present place will give you a sense of gratitude and this state of mind when practised diligently will take you on the path of achieving your dream house as well.

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