Going Organic at Home

There is no doubt that organic food has moved from food-of-choice to life essentials for a large number of early adopters (isn’t it strange! because this is where we had started from?). Organic food demand is set to open its floodgates; thankfully enough farmers and entrepreneurs are working hard to bring this bounty.

If you are still thinking, think again and adopt organic, because every day you are consuming toxins, and there is a level of tolerance our bodies have. It’s time you start the Organic movement at you Home; your Kitchen is going to be the hub of all action. It’s here you sow seeds for health, fitness, beauty, and joy of your family!

Start organic in five simple steps:

Put a note at Kitchen entrance “It’s Organic here & I’m lovin’ it.”
Have a Cabinet dedicated to Organic Grocery; Label it “Everything is Organic in here!”
Bring Herb plants in your Kitchen. Go selective and plant frequently used Herbs only.
Convert your back Lawn or Terrace Garden into blooming Organic Kitchen Garden; plant Herbs, Fruits & Veggies.
Finally what to Cook – Start with the basics – Sandwiches, Smoothie, Salads, Porridge, Rice, Fruits & Juices.
Overcoming Common Challenges:

Challenge No. 1 Where to source organic from?

Start with what is most approachable. Branded Stores, Local Farmer Market, Online Organic Store or an Enthusiast in your network (find them online at FB Groups).

Challenge No. 2 Cost – Organic is expensive.

Yes on the label it’s expensive, but when we pay the premium we go sensible and order what’s needed, we do not want to waste, we want to eat fresh…rather freshest. We also become conscious of optimal cooking and eating as it’s the way forward for healthier living. Wastage is no longer glamourise so is excess stocking. Buying in bulk to save time, save money and feel abundant is no longer a believe consumerism can drive on you. This significant drop in wastage brings our budget close to what it was.

When should you go organic?

The best time is now; you must go organic now.

It doesn’t matter if you have already stocked your grocery, take a small step and start from whatever is your next purchase, if your next purchase is a couple of days away, go out and buy something today, just to set the ball rolling.

You can keep researching, trying different new brands, and products and change your course of action to find products you feel comfortable with. Soon you will make a better way to go ahead. Also, you can keep reading and share reviews online. This will be a significant tool for you to choose the most trusted brands/ stores/ bazaars.

Soon, you will be proud to say, in my Kitchen, everything is organic.

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