Don’t kill your originality

As Humans, we have evolved on this planet from times immemorial and have progressed immensely over millions of generations woven over years. The Human spirit – the spirit of exploring; of creating has given birth to ideas, discoveries, and innovations. To date, we continue to create.

To think beyond the horizon with fresh perspective and ingenuity is being original; Kindling a whole new thought or expression is being original. Each one of us is born with innate creativity and talent that is unique to us. Our thoughts, our ideas, their expression and the final creations define us individually with our originality amidst whole of humanity.

As we grow, we tend to pick up the norms to confirm with the widely accepted belief systems and ideas from our immediate surroundings, culture, and traditions. Unknowingly, we lose out or suppress our identity. Our originality distinguishes us in this world from all. Being mindful of our intrinsic ideas and thoughts, and unflinching drive to create a novel expression fuels Originality. We need to consciously develop and nurture our individuality with ingenuity., this will strengthen our identity and reflect true persona.

Our living spaces are amongst the best platforms to nurture our originality, it gives us a wide clean canvas to paint our world, to discover our expression and to indulge in the choices.

Let’s not walk the trail, you will pass thru plants that have been plucked for its fruits, believe in yourself and explore new ways without any intent to leave any trails. On this path, you will surprise yourself self and others with your limitless expression.

As we are naturally more confident and enjoy a high self-esteem, beyond being showered with appreciation. Originality breeds innovation and brings exciting freshness to our lives, we remain upbeat!

To let the originality express itself, you will have to brainwash yourself and completely think from the brink, breaking those notions around colours, layouts, formats and more. You need to explore who you are, what you want, how you wish to express; without any influence. This will help you express You! Your ideas. Once visualized you can take help of the scientific and other research and implement ideas technically, avoiding trial and error.

Take a fresh look at your home and start expressing one by one, corner by corner you can start anytime from anywhere there is no rule, so why not start by placing your shoes right? Without influence go tread your path and add your personal flair to all the inanimate areas in your home. Driven by your passion and the zeal to create, you will do wonders to your home and to your own self. You will bring life to your living space! Rekindle the innate creative energies within you!

Simply put, throw away your standard five-seat Sofa, boxed Bed, Rocking Chair, overloaded modular Kitchen, typical LED Lights out of your House and includes that’s your influence. Integrate the elements of Nature, from Walls to Floors to Doors to Fixtures to Mantelpieces, Miniatures, to Plants and more.
Never settle with the odour, open the closet!

So now you know, your home is as unique as you are, not a copy or even a better copy of anyone else, you know your house is now your home as every wall reads a story that’s written by you; you are not living in a box designed by others with their goals & roles.

Here are simple rules to strengthen implementation:
1. Reflect your own thoughts. Forget what your neighbours, friends, celebrities are doing. Limit design magazines recommendations to inspiration & tech support.

2. Own original artwork – Go visit galleries, art sites, exhibitions, keep visiting the local stores and if something grabs your attention, visualize where it’ll fit and then go own with a will.

3. Indulge in the process –Let the originality be your way of life as it’s not a destination, enjoy the process as a whole.

4. Hire a professional – If you can’t think go surf and outsource your turf.

Let it become your way of life.

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