Does your House stimulate your Brain, Daily?

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We all know exercising our brain will help increase its neuroplasticity and in turn, we can our brain young.

Consciously we keep practising various things; Sudoku is becoming increasingly popular amongst seniors, thanks to the newspapers for popularising it and offering a daily feed to the brain.

But what if we include some physically challenging brain teasers, exercises, stimulators, activities as a part of our design that helps us include them in our routine and generate new neurons daily.

Here are five simple hacks that can influence your brain function positively and strengthen sleepy select body muscles.

Morning Meditation in Nature: Even if you live in the midst of a concrete jungle, you can find one little space which can give you a sneak peek at nature. If it’s really hard to find, create one. simply choose an open space – a balcony, terrace, veranda or if nothing a window. Get a Jute or Cotton Mat, surround it with some planters ( pots on floors, hanging creepers, easily moveable water bamboos etc.) a water fountain could be a bonus to that. It will not only make you feel close to a water body but will also act as a noise curtain. Close your eyes and follow the meditation of your choice. Prefer to meditate at the same place and keep the greens nurtured and wish them to grow.

The Balancing Board: Balancing Board is a small floor device which you can buy online and use it as a stand around your washbasin, home workstation table, or around your balcony area where you sit and have your morning cuppa, what you have to do with the balancing board? Simply have to stand on it, balance and do that daily part of your routine from there. The challenge to balance on the floor while doing an act will give a new feed to your brain and enliven new neurons.

Write your to-do list every day: Use your left hand and write beautifully – as simple as it is.  You need a writing board and a marker for this. Always use your left hand to write, next day rub of all – make the board clean; absolutely spic and then write your fresh to-do list again. If some tasks were left – you need to rub and write them all again. Rubbing and rewriting your left out tasks will help you either achieve the tasks or drop them if not very important (more about it some other time). Remember, you are consistently improving your handwriting on board and never using your right hand for the task (unless you are a lefty).

Dedicate a Refrigerator shelf to your shower: Now this is more of a Bio hack, getting increasingly popular – but as most houses are not designed to give the chilled shower a priority – the best and simplest of all is to make a dedicated space in your refrigerator and stock your shower bottles there. The design comes with an additional advantage – as many times you open the refrigerator, you are reminding yourself to strengthen your routine.

Play a good night family puzzle: Prominently placed around your area of family gathering – add a gamut of puzzles. I would prefer physical puzzles of different types, sometimes even an iPod can do. As a family, it helps you bond better, this activity is bound to dissect around generations – smoothly.

Remember they are all easy and fun to do activities, you might be doing some in uniquely odd format – but try to include them in your routine, try it for a period of 40 days and notice how significantly it changes things around you.

Finally, continue adding your own variations to keep the freshness alive.

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