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Welcome to Meditative Homes!


Evidently, we are young and have embarked upon a journey into the vast ocean of wisdom – exploring the secrets to lead a good life starting from our living spaces, relationships, and spirituality. Unbound by any limiting rules, we seek fresh perspective to various aspects of meditative homes. A stickler for originality, we encourage contributors to pen down their insights and experiences in their own words and influence the lives of our readers in a positive way.


 Suit yourself to pick a genre that interests you and drives you to share your ideas and practices that can enrich many more lives. Case studies, researchers or simple DIYs are also welcome. Just evaluate your submissions for the relevance they have around the key areas of our homes and living spaces.


 Join us a guest writer, a frequent contributor, a research data enthusiast or a spiritual expert. We are building a diverse team of editor, art curators, designers, programmers, social media enthusiasts and event designers.


You can share your intent at, you will definitely hear from us.


We believe in building lasting relationships!