Conscious piece of Art

What do you see in your dreams often?

What has been your fantasy destination?

What do you visualise most of the times?

Who you love the most?

Who you miss the most?

There are various things & believes that touch you deep inside, there are many things you would love to see time and

What about putting them all in an Art form?

What about creating a story which is your own?


Do you wish the elements pampered you; a waterfall, a breeze, scent of living under a tree or a thatched Hut, Cycling on the village trails, Dancing in the Summer Rain, floating on to the moon; whatever you dream, express it.  Choose Art to signify it.

It does not matter if you are an artist or not. You can always, find an artist to capture that moment, in fact, all those flashes which you often see in your heart.

This beautiful world of the art is called Commissioned Art, a very commercial name for the Art though.

I would instead call it Conscious Art.

Conscious art! Yes, Conscious Art, because what you visualise is now visualised and expressed by someone else. That artist who was unconscious of your dream is soon living it and making it come alive!

So, here I am, sharing some tips on when should you go for the creation of Conscious Art and Who should you choose to do it.

When should you go for conscious art?

Although this could be a long list of numerous reasons, here I am picking some to help you navigate your way.

  1. Your childhood dream
  2. Your favourite story
  3. The virtue of your Parents
  4. Objects of Desire
  5. Someone you Love


Who should you choose to do it?

  1. An Artist par excellence
  2. Someone with high EQ
  3. Someone who is empathetic
  4. Respects and draws inspiration from your idea


You must, route it through a curator if you are unable to research yourself.

Remember, you are going to get your ideas expressed by someone you consider can show it. Hence you must also keep in mind the following:

  1. Give the Artist and an open timeline.
  2. The Artist is shaping an expression of someone else, it is bound to be different, but it’s the amongst the best you can get.
  3. To close, you must share a scratch or sketch or request for a miniature. This approach is the maximum you should expect from an artist.


Once complete, you will be on an all-new journey with an artist by your side, experiencing healing like never before.

I am sure you and your artist will not go wrong in creating that Conscious Piece of Art.

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