Connect with Earth, at your Home

Like other living beings, we also have biofield, and it’s aligned with Mother Nature. While we start to live in spaces created artificially, some of it interferes with our biofields, while we must always be aligned.

It’s important we establish this connection with Earth, called Earthing/ Grounding. It happens when we are in touch with the earth grounded directly on mud, sand, stone, grass, marble, and water, etc. which is naturally conductive.

Our homes today are decked up with tiles, wooden flooring, carpets, and various types of insulations; we use footwear even at our homes; this disconnects us from the earth element. Synthetic, polyester, rubber, plastic, insulation, asphalt and much more such materials have made inroads in our life, and this disconnects us from Earth, and we start to feel dull.

Just over a century ago, we were much closer to Mother Nature, we lived mostly on the ground and did everything closest to nature. We were diffusing our positive charges and free electrons, frequently, freely.

You must have experienced, a lot of positive energy flow thru your body, when you walked bare feet on your lawn, at a nearby park, on a beach, pebbled stone riverside, neighbourhood trails, dewed grass and so on. This experience leaves most of us asking for more, and we wish to come back for that experience. The reason, we feel healed, energised and fuelled up is the reason, why we felt happier. With every touch on earth, we are absorbing that energy.

Earthing also helps us heal faster, gain balance and reduce stress; we feel relieved from hypertension as our inflammation starts to disappear and get a spike in energy and better sleep.

The significance of Earthing at Home

Whereas best Earthing locations are outside of our homes in parks, trails, lawns, beaches, mountains, gardens, and grasslands, etc. it’s not possible for most of us to be there most of the time. Hence, we recommend Earthing at home.

The significance of Earthing increases all the more at home because it’s here we can be most consistent with it. How much you can be grounded, what is your relationship with Earth (one of five elements) you will realise, it’s much more at your own home.

At Home, we are free, and in control of what we want to do, we can manage setup, time and activities around our needs. Our home is our best opportunity. And we can make a lifestyle out of it.

In some eastern cultures, there are guidelines to be bare feet at home, not only this helps keep negativity, pollutants, toxins, and germs away, but also helps them stay connected with earth element and stay grounded. This helps bring peace, harmony & wellness into their home and even at work.

Design your home for Earthing

Design your home for Earthing, so that you have to do least efforts of going out of the way and be consistent. The design can intuitively take care of all the elements, and it’s simple. We know the significance of fresh air and proper light, we may not exactly be aware of our touch with the earth.

Any time is a good time for Earthing, but if we follow a daily routine with awareness, we can do better and consistent (here home design is of great help). So we need to be conscious, till it’s a habit.

Now, Let’s review this – Morning when we step on the floor it’s mostly a wooden flooring (in the bedroom) or a mat, and we merely wear our slippers, we stretch in our balcony/ terrace/portico or take a quick trip to our backyard and maybe not wanting to step barefoot on the floor. In our lawns on grass, most of us go wearing footwear. Even, if we are not wearing any footwear, our floorings/seating may be stopping us from Earthing. To get the most out of our exercise, we must get rid of unnecessary insulators like doormats with rubber/ fibre base, thick carpets with fibre, wooden flooring in the walking area, etc. We can use a lot of Stone, marble, brick, Jute, cotton, wool, silk and other such materials.

When you walk on soil, grass, sand, stone or concrete, your body draws the earth’s energy. Water augments. In clearly demarcated walking areas in your homes, you must have natural stone flooring like a marble, rock, brick stone, etc. You can also wipe your floor with sea salt and enjoy walking on just-wet-wiped floors, place mist sprinklers for the grass, walk past the mist sprinkle and the mist sprinkled grass. If you are not able to go out for a walk and want to walk indoors – you can wipe your feet on moist doormat every few minutes. You can also design your hacks that work well in your environment.

Some additional rituals that you can follow as they are easy to implement – Staying barefoot at home especially while taking a bath on the natural stone floor, it’s one of the best opportunities to get ions. At your breakfast/dining table, study table has a natural stone floor, with natural wool, cotton throw if you feel cold. Start barefoot morning walk, play in leisure time and make sure you are close to nature – you can go out play on the grass, sit on the brick/concrete floor, dance, and stretch, do yoga, meditation or anything else you enjoy with yourself or with family. You need to follow a straightforward rule, touch the earth and Be Barefoot.

When you are grounded, you rise above the ordinary.

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