It’s always a Bliss in Meditative Home

Here I am sitting at my home and thinking, about the fact that peace comes from within. I am a believer, and I know that peace is a mechanics of our mind and not of our possessions or the environment we live in. Further, this makes me feel if that’s the reason, why the environment is at the centre stage of all the developments done by humans? What in nature brings unparalleled peace? Why there are workplaces which make people more productive? Why some designs attract us more and why our expressions change with daytime, location, and environment. This why; is a never-ending why. As even the Sages & Seers went up in the hills or deep forests finding the right spot for their tapasya.

We live our core life in our home; our physical mental and spiritual development is nurtured and structured at our home. We start our day and retire at the end at our homes only, it’s a playground of most of our emotional needs, it’s here we strengthen ourselves as spiritual beings.

Various global researches indicate that we spend more than 90% of our time indoors, this significantly increases the importance of our homes from the ‘time-spent measure’ as life is a ‘measure of time’. What we do at our Homes shapes our life beyond our Home. Everything impacts us from the elements to technology. Whatever our life’s objectives maybe we can set its foundation at our Home.

Most of the tasks we do and what we are is based on our Habits, which in turn are formed basis our intentions, decisions, routine and surroundings. The Physical & Social setup help trigger an initiative and make it a Habit. There are some who practice meditation and reach a meditative state, there are others who are practising meditation and wanting to reap all benefits, and there are more who are unable to make meditation a practice or a Habit. Among the admirers of meditation, there are those who know and appreciate meditation but believe it’s not for them and then there are some who are entirely unaware. Those who practice meditation understand that the environment including people around them cannot influence them much but also know that even to the best meditation practitioners the results of Meditation improve significantly when in the right environment.

I will be talking about the concept of building homes that bring you in the Meditative state, homes that influence not only you but also your family members spanning across those who have achieved meditative state to those who are not even aware of what meditation is. It will primarily interest those who want to improve their meditation practice by the day and live a healthy and blissful family life. Meditative Homes will make families healthier and hug and embrace each other more often.

Meditative Homes will ensure that you benefit even in the state of inertia as the environment plays a significant role. It’s like when you sit on a Beach and listen to the sound waves and see those waves coming and going back or when you hear that sound of nature of birds in a jungle retreat or just when you sit in your balcony and witness the snow-clad mountains. Things happen, and you are only a participant. It’s a state which you achieve when you are participating in prayers, listening to the discourses of the teachers you connect with or just watching the matches of your favourite team.

How much importance you give to your home at any point in time in your life depends on how connected you feel to your home. At different stages in our lives we are living in different Homes as Kids with our parents although for some it continues forever, while in college independently or in a hostel, while travelling at a friend’s place, a hotel, a hostel, bed & breakfast (Some prefer to call it your Home for a Day!) or so on. Whatever it is we start our day and end our day at our home, given this; its significance cannot be undermined. A Shelter is our primary need like food & clothes. Like we believe in eating nutritious food, season, occasion & location appropriate clothing it’s important we make our shelter, our Home a Meditative Home.

It’s important to bust the myth that Home is where just the families live. From an Individual Bachelor to a Single Senior Citizen to Nuclear Families or the large joint families Homes have different avatars but how do we ensure its energy binds its residents with love and wisdom.

At Meditative Homes, we will discuss ways to make a life that brims with health and fitness, make you blissful and elevates your senses to get you in a state of achieving what you have been longing for in your life. So are you ready to get the ‘Under the Banyan Tree’ Experience! Explore with Meditative Homes.

I will be sharing a series of articles for making your Home a Meditative Home. I will be introducing various subjects from Nature & Biodiversity, Seniors in Family, Wellness Zone, Transformative Technology, Grounding, Art that heals, Culture, Senses in Elements and many more subliminal ways in which you and your family can live a socially Blissful life.

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