Being Mindful of your Nook

Whether you live like a guy next door or like a superstar or anyone in between; you need to shed off now and then.  You need to because every day you are exploring your real new, the new you. You need introspection and cleansing. There are various well known and researched approaches, some driven by nature others developed over the years. Sleep is the natural cleanser, Meditation in full consciousness.

Here we are exploring meditativeness, by being with you.


Take a break and spend time with yourself at a remote location or do it at your home. While travelling looks glamorous and feels natural to bring us out of our blind spots and crammed zones, we can also explore our wilderness at our Homes. Whether you live in a studio in bustling Manhattan or a Hut on the outskirts of Hilversum, you can have one cosy corner; if you don’t have, we can help you create one. This is your Nook.

Some sink into their couch, some on their balcony, some surround themselves with their art, some dig in a book, I sit at my window. What should you do at your Nook?

Avoid doing anything, especially what breaks your momentum of being with yourself. If you have thoughts great, if you have no idea that is amazing, if you want to write – do it, if you’re going to sing – open up your heart, if you’re going to paint – don’t step back, if you wish to make audio notes – just do it! Have no prejudice, no evaluations, and no introspection, don’t defeat your purpose; you will get your calling, one day – keep the routine.

Sometimes I pick one book, just one and read; if I like it, I read it again and again and again in my space. I don’t count (how many books in how many days). Every time I read a book, I visualise it; differently, I can see more out of the window.

Other days, I close my eyes and play some music, I prefer single instrument string, sitar or bongo in the background, I don’t want to do everything, I don’t want to think I did this yesterday and now it’s the turn of something else. I do what I want to on that particular day, once I decide, I don’t change the course, and most importantly I am not chasing any numbers.

In short – What should I do at my Nook? The answer is nothing.  Stay with less and expect the least. Expect nothing, absolutely nothing. Believe me, if you get nothing you have reached the best for yourself.

Why am I writing about Nook?

I was home alone for 20 days. I sat in a corner doing nothing, for hours, by the dusk I realised I had a great time; I was “I”… Accidentally. This encouraged me to spend the rest of days at my nook; the journey had started, it was exploratory, adventurous and exciting. I was thrilled.

I explored I was everywhere, whereas I just wanted to walk on a track may be a trail, I was running after various attractions, which were not mine, they were of wannabe’s. I started to pen.

And yes, most natural Nook users are children and animals; if you are a pet lover, you know your Pets favourite nook in its home. Call it synchronicity or a coincidence, my daughter she created her nook in my room, as soon as I wrapped up writing this and I had to include this (picture attached).

NOW, Time flies at my nook; I call it my Meditative Corner.

PS: Here’s how to set it up in simple steps; and yes! No compulsions J

Choose any quiet corner of your House.
You must have, a comfortable seat, something to hold in your hand say a toy or a cushion, soft single string music or a book and water to drink.
You must also keep some things away, like Mobile phone, Laptop, TV, Newspaper & Magazines and any other stuff which reminds you to do something.


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