A Night-Out on your Bed

It was a night out for me at my Home. By night-out I mean I was on a bed, but out-of-sleep; half awake and half asleep.

We all experience a night or at times array of nights, of not being able to sleep. Its adverse effect we feel in days to come.

A night out-of-sleep is one of the most dreading experiences in your routine, yet we feel and tend to do little. We feel challenged to challenge it; overcome & resolve.

Ever wondered how the frequent fliers amongst entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, entertainers and in general travellers on a mission, live peacefully sailing thru time zones and cultural forces? What makes these frequent travellers, so filled with energy? And how can in our realm we sink in tranquillity as we switch off the noises.

For many, every night brings state of anxiety, like it’s the D Day the next day, least a big day, a big event. We know that a good night’s sleep is essential especially on this day as we are excited for the next day, but this real excitement subjugates our S.

So what do we do, when all our nights seem to become like a D-Day Eve? Go for a night out and how?

The night out with any of the following and rest assured of a good night’s sleep;

  1. Wonder in pitch dark: Do away with TV and all other Screens and Gadgets before its time to sleep, if you love reading indulge in very light stuff, avoid content which stimulates you, if you enjoy that stuff take a vacation. Read things which are straight & straightforward; fiction, science, art, philosophy whatever you like. Then switch off, a couple of minutes before your bedtime, no light bulb, no mobile beeps and no light at all in room, if possible turn phone into aeroplane mode. Pull your curtains to stop light filtering in from outside and say “sweet dreams” to yourself.


  1. Understand; heavens are not falling: Nothing is moving in that time of night even if the morning brings your life’s most significant event. Remind yourself your sleepless night will spoil your party next morning, and then treat each day as big day. Think how Olympians, Stars, Globetrotter Tycoons & Entertainers manage that bit. Visualise tomorrow is a big day for you and to make the most of it, you must sleep NOW. Don’t think anything heavens are not falling.


  1. Bedtime meditation – your no-hurry meditation: If you practice meditation or have practised meditation, you know that meditating just before bed has its advantage, time is by your side, and you are in no hurry. You are in no hurry; you don’t have to go anywhere if you feel sleepy, it’s excellent, if you don’t you are meditating. It’s a fast track entry to sleep mode for many.


  1. Aromas, to pamper you: I have a miniature bottle of Lavender essential oil, it’s my favourite. There are various essential oils for stress relief that help you calm down and induce sleep if you haven’t already found your favourite one from Bergamot, Ylang Ylang or Clary sage.


  1. The Sound of Chants: You know Mantra helps in Meditation; The Primordial Sound Meditation by Deepak Chopra is a super favourite of many in America. Even if you don’t do the meditation but love mantras, go for playing the soothing sound of Mantras on your bedroom sound system. Ensure you play if soft, very soft good enough to catch, good enough to lose. Let the mantras disappear at times and if they come back to let them come in amidst the silence of the night. This in & out will help you get in sound sleep.


  1. The Sound of Nature: If you are not into Chants you must pick up Sounds of Nature, there are loads of great options available, pick up from your favourite – water, jungle, crumbling leaves, wind, garden chirps et al.


  1. Hug from your Partner or a gentle head massage: This one works best and quickest, indulge.
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