4 Refreshing Ways to practice Deep Breathing Indoors

Shallow breathing is a problem with most of us, it comes as a freebie with our lifestyle, it comes with the ignorance and yet, most of us think we breathe right!

Stress, anxiety, fear, confusion are amongst various reasons why we breathe shallowly. Outside of Home we may be walking, driving, on a train/ tube/ plane, working at office/ factory, attending a business meeting/ doing brainstorming/ shopping/ clubbing, watching movie/ theatre or engaged in any social/ recreational or personal work, we are breathing shallow even when our natural physical motions should make us breathe deep. We do it because we have formed it as a habit; old habits die hard. We have come to this because we are constantly engaged in our thoughts and disengaged with ourselves.

Various Meditation practices are centred on breathing, and as most of us are learning deep breathing from our Meditation Gurus. Having experienced deep breathing benefits, I cannot undermine it.

While I am not talking about Meditation here, I can definitely share some very interesting ways of breathing deep while you are engaged with fun filled physical activities in your home. At Home, because it’s here you hone personal skills and habits every day and are at the best of our self-engagement.

In short, most of us are breathing shallow, we must change this hard wired habit. Let’s try these fun-filled activities at home to get into a new deep breathing state.

  1. Breathe the Music – Breath is an amazingly popular word and you can find it in many songs, especially expressing love and emotions. It’s one of the simplest and fun ways to practice deep breathing, to start you have to create a playlist of songs which has word ‘Breath’ and play it at least once a day, preferably in the morning. Let’s say you play the song “Take my breath away…” and you are breathing to it in a rhythm. A simple deep rhythmic breathing while listening.  (After conscious practice you can remove songs with word breath and you are all set to go – on any song)
  2. Aromatherapy Game – Call it Aroma-the-rap-yay! Game – Its simple and highly engaging, to play you need to take a deep breath, sniff and figure out which aroma is lingering around in which part of your home. It activates your sense of smell, motivates you to take a deep breath and increases engagement within family members. (It needs at least 2 people; all in a family can play this game, even guests at times.) One person can place Natural Perfumes at different locations; now the other one has to dig out the perfumed stuff while continuously taking a deep breath. The one who finds the stuff in the least time is the winner. Important rule – You cannot stop taking a deep breath till you have found the treasure; as soon as you stop you lose. And yes, you must punish and award.
  3. Play the Plants – There are a wide variety of plants which are good for indoors, choose the ones you love and as per their benefit place them at right places. Besides emitting loads of fresh air, oxygen, clearing toxins, spreading colours & being fragrant, these plants will make our place more peaceful, pleasant and promising. Plants are for the better living. Put these flowers in Vase with a message “Breathe”, take this as a reminder and take just seven deep breaths whenever you read “Breathe”. When you look at these plants you know these are not for ever and you need to take care of them and enjoy how they look today, especially flower bearing plants. With this awareness, you would like to feel them more & experience their presence. So look peacefully and take seven deep breaths. Do it a couple of times a day.
  4. Shiver Shower –I almost stop breathing whenever I am in Cold Showers, but I love this experience knowing that chilled shower helps us in many ways including better immunity, blood circulation, will power and more. Include deep breathing to your cold shower routine and you will understand the benefits of deep breathing loud and clear – in every aspect of your life.

So take a deep breath, really deep (inhale & exhale like yoga deep breathing) do this for 20 times and as you inhale, you are under the shower, starting with just 60 Sec. you can gradually increase. You will realise how breathing helps you to take a chilled shower with ease and confidence.  With practice, you will start to shiver less and breathe more even under the shower.

This practice is addictive, as you will love the tingling post shower, this addiction will soon convert into a habit. Once settled with this practice, each body cell would be ring a bell and you will be doing this before every important activity all day long; it will become your healthy ritual.

While breathing is what we do all our lives, these are only some of the fun ways in which we can get rhythmic with our breathing.

It will help you move towards the Meditative state.
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