11 reasons why living with parents is fulfilling

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In some cultures like in India living with your parents comes naturally. Alive for thousands of years and is amongst core Indian value system. The ancient wisdom of living with your parents germinates from the fact that a family is beyond husband, wife, and children and includes your parent’s even grandparents. Finding three to four generations living together is commonplace in India (they call it family, not an extended family).

India is changing fast, influenced by the western lifestyle, urbanisation and wish to live in metros is making the younger generation live away from their parents. Parents in large parts are living separately. Most accept this old idea of the modern lifestyle “if you work far away, it works like this”. There are some who are living alone by choice or are compelled to situations. The assumed reasons for living like a nuclear family are many including the flexibility of choosing a lifestyle, freedom of daily routine, cost of living, attachment to the parental home/ home one has built integration in existing social circle and more.

Even in Metro cities, a large number of families are living the idea of living together, the reason, if you are not living with your parents; you are missing on the joy of living a fulfilled family life.

Growing up in America, you may think it’s normal to live independently away from your parents. So why should an average American bother? It’s time to look at the reasons for why should you consider living with your parents and if you are unable to you must have a dedicated & decorated place which is theirs.

Your Parents need a stronger integration starting from their own family. Forget the fact, that after a certain age your parents never lived with your grandparents, your friends are living independently, and even your parents believe in living alone. If you are living with parents in their home, some consider you a loser, treat this rule as a bullshit rule, its time you must stand up and think who made this rule? And why? The rebellions, the freedom seekers, the disillusioned, the Democrats. Remember with love, empathy, respect and understanding you will not feel there is any big challenge in living with your parents even after your marriage if you continue to behave like children and parents with an understanding that logistically things have changed and you both are in a completely different age and phase of your life.

Reinvent the definition of Family – You have lived your life with your parents till your College and even early employment days; it’s just a mental block that if you can shed you can have a blissful experience. Also when you do this, i.e. stay with your parents in continuity, it’s easier for your, when you are married, and your wife knows your parents are there for them all, she will feel more privileged. It’s a PRIVILEGE if your parents decide to stay with you; sadly it was positioned by many otherwise, yet another positioning by the Capitalists to sell more stuff amongst the same family.

Living together could be fun and fulfilling. Keep your connection with your roots – talk about space for seniors and rituals, without it the home will lose an essence of being home. Put your parents first, we often put our children first thinking their life ahead, we must also treat ourselves and our parents in the same realm, in fact, we know what’s important and needs attention for our kids together our parents and we can do parenting which could surpass all standards you can make on your own.  People make a Home, and a home is where the space for you your kids and parents living together is a must, if you miss dedicating a space for your parents you are losing your whole childhood and the very essence that you were an integral part of your parent’s family and now you cannot cease to be.

11 reasons why living with parents is fulfilling:

  1. The uninterrupted wisdom of their rich experiences is always flowing towards you.
  2. Living with your well-wisher – In parents, you have the most powerful well-wisher living with you, let the law of attraction work in your favour, as their vibes will make a great difference in your life. It’s also good for the overall wellbeing of all members as we make our Home a more Socially Vibrant place.
  3. Never feel homesick – strange, but we all feel certain discomfort and the presence of our parents can help us do away with that at any age. Have signs of homesickness while at your home? Let your parents take care of it naturally. Check here for details. (We will be discussing the same in another article)
  4. You are a bonded family – the family you were always an integral part of, remains that way, let’s not define your parents a part of an extended family? It’s time you change this definition and call all a family who lives together as a family.
  5. Wellness starts at Home – Living with parents will help you raise happy and healthy children. There are some who feel guilty for not being able to take care of their parents the way they should or wish to, and this guild can impact their life in more than one way.
  6. Your parent’s age with grace – When you parents age with grace, you will feel an immense sense of satisfaction. More and more families becoming smaller most parents are living along and have only a child to visit. Ageing parents face a lot of challenges, living together many challenges may not even arise forget taking care of them.
  7. Elevate your social stature – What if living with your parents was a matter of pride? It is true at least in India. It’s rewarding culturally and socially.
  8. Care for Kids in the family – Time and attention, Games and activities, Stories and plays, set a strong foundation of bonding and belonging, this sense of oneness and ownership helps develop a strong emotional intelligence your children in their later years.
  9. Overcome Loneliness – Overcome the epidemic of Loneliness; Challenge this biggest social epidemic of the modern world. Moments of loneliness are gone for them. In their later years, in fact, you get the company of those who loved you most and still love you most (only their expression has changed, or maybe your viewpoint), your moments of being alone also vanish and you give your children the best education and set examples of why staying together is an excellent decision.
  10. Saves Costs – Living together is a great way to save costs without compromising on any life comforts and amenities.
  11. Offer gratitude to the universe – for making you capable and offering you the opportunity to be with them who took care of you the most/ gratitude to the universe who is allowing you the opportunity to serve those who brought you up. It’s your opportunity to get blessings from those who have the most positive for you.

It may sound challenging, but its just a matter of taking your first step.

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